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Monday, February 6, 2012

Seeing Your Own Beauty

I'm not talking so much about your physical appearance - although that is, of course, part of it - as about your inner appearance. Perhaps you feel you missed out on love as a child, and so you find it difficult to see your own beauty. Perhaps even since, you have had a difficult life, and so - even more now - find it difficult to see your own beauty. Or perhaps someone in your early life was very focused on outer, physical beauty, and you - in their eyes - just didn't measure up. However it went, you now have problems with this topic of seeing your own beauty.

The thing tends to be that we often believe we first need someone else to see it before we can see it ourselves. But then, when someone else at some point in our lives - early or late - does talk to us about our own beauty, we realize we have greaet difficulty believing them, or even if we do - we are incapable of internalizing it, and so for us, it just isn't so, and we continue to not see our own beauty.

Here's the problem with the above scenario: if we have not learned to love ourselves, it makes little difference how many tell us we are beautiful, stunning, amazing, incredible, gifted, etc., because we just won't take it on board in the way that is important. If you have trouble believing me, just think of the amazingly gifted and beautiful people in the world who have committed suicide.

So: loving ourselves. That's what lies at the bottom of it all. And if we did not learn this as children, due to - altogether frequent - dysfunctional homes (it doesn't have to be abusive to be dysfunctonal; a workaholic father or a mother too wrapped up in her social life is enough, or simply parents who never learned how to communicate on levels that go beyond how was your day, and the mortgage and what's for dinner), so if we didn't learn to love ourselves as children, we have to learn it now!

  • Make a priority of yourself
  • Work on your inner well-being consistently, realizing that without it, you have little chance of seeing your own beauty
  • Recognize that by taking baby steps in this direction, you are consistently sending conscious and subconscious messages to yourself each time you do it, that you are working on loving yourself
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For much more about seeing your own beauty, about loving yourself (the book has an entire chapter dedicated to this subject), about being aware of your thoughts and feelings, how you react to others and how you love yourself, as well as about choosing to seek your inner well-being above all, in order that you may have a ripple effect on all those who come in contact with you, have a look at my book Rewiring the Soul: Finding the Possible Self, available at Amazon as a paperback or e-book for Kindle and all Kindle applications. Click here to download the first chapter.

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Ask anyone, whatever their circumstances, if their life is vibrant, fulfilling, harmonious and happy. An honest reply is likely to be 'no', because to answer a truthful 'yes' is no mean feat. Only to grow psychologically and emotionally is not enough. And only to grow spiritually is not enough either. All three dimensions need to be developed in order to realize your full potential. If you are willing to assume total responsibility for the self and to start what is an on-going journey, you will quickly begin to glimpse the first fruits of the ultimate goal: inner well-being, freedom, peace, harmony and joy. This book sets out the pathway to self-mastery and self-discovery and walking that pathway will be the most exciting adventure of your life.

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