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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Breathe In Beauty ... Exhale Worry

Just for a moment focus deeply on the beauty of this photograph. Allow yourself to drink in the brilliant colors, the dew drops whose freshness you can almost feel, the soft velvet texture of the petals, the relaxing green background. You can almost imagine a bee alighting in the nectar and as you do all of this, you have relaxed.

As you relax, you are more able to be present. You come into the now. Feel grateful for this moment, because it offers you peace.

And the peace it brings - albeit momentary - allows you to set your worries aside.

Now imagine creating a daisy chain of such moments throughout the course of your day ... every time you remember to do it ... even in the midst of work or challenges ... allow your eyes to feast on something beautiful in your surroundings ... notice the inner (momentary) relaxation ... being present ... feeling gratitude ... acknowledging the peace it brings.

Such moments, if added up - and brought about by using simple beauty in your surroundings - can mean that at the end of one day you may have spent a total of 5 minutes or 10 or 30, or even an hour or more of your day at peace as opposed to your normal day's stressful, hectic and difficult energy. This is more valuable than gold. This is more valuable than any outer success. Try it.

How many moments of your day are spent at peace?

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Michael Habernig & April Hannah; Producers: The Path- The Afterlife & The Path 11 Documentaries

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