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Monday, January 30, 2012

Walking A Bit Further Every Day

The photo really says it all: we will only move forwards in our lives if we walk a bit further every day ... if we move beyond the place we were at the day before. But how is that done? Don't most of us basically stay in the same situation we found ourselves in unless life forces us forward by throwing stones, boulders or mountains in our path? Does that mean that we only move forward if we run into challenges and problems?

I believe that as long as we are not truly aware of ourselves and our lives, truly conscious of what we do day in and day out, the main method of moving forward (once we're done with classical socialization processes such as growing up and academic preparation), is via said challenges and problems.

If, however, conscious awareness becomes part of our daily lives, we are much more able to choose to move in that forward direction of our own volition, and may then, on occasion, perhaps even avoid some of the stones, boulders and mountains.

Consider this:
  • by proactively changing your eating habits, adding daily exercise to your régime, and deliberately taking some time each day to de-stress and relax, you may prevent a life-threatening illness further down the road such as cancer, which, once you received the diagnosis, would then in all likelihood, cause you to make some of the above changes
  • by proactively learning how to use software related to your profession, even though you are currently not expected to use it in your particular job, you may prevent being down-sized further down the road, which, once that particular problem occurred, would then in all likelihood, cause you to make some of the above changes
  • by proactively pursuing an interest throughout your life (or more than one), while you are an active parent, while you are working, and going through the early and middle years of your life, so that, when your children leave the nest, and when you eventually retire, you will have a richness in your life that will serve you well. Such richness will prevent boredom, depression and pain, among many other possible scenarios that would then in all likelihood, force you into considering the possibility of making some of the above changes
So isn't it clearly much better to walk a bit further every day under your own steam, as opposed to waiting for the stone, boulder or mountain to appear in your path that would then potentially force you to move forward in some fashion? What are you doing today to walk a bit further in your life?

For more information about thoughts, choice, freedom and living a conscious life, get my book Rewiring the Soul: Finding the Possible Self, available in print and e-book format for Kindle and all Kindle applications at Amazon. Click here to download the first chapter.

A recent reader had this to say about the book (in a review posted on Amazon):

I am still in the process of reading this book. I have been skipping around a little but it is really an amazing book of teachings, and information. I really enjoy the idea of an oak tree-that is my favorite tree! I understand the idea of awareness and through all of the author's articles and this book as well it makes me feel as though at this point in time of my life I am on a journey of becoming a more whole person.

The author has clearly been learning some very deep parts of life while I kind of ignored things in mine and stayed in a passive mode. However I think it's never too late and somehow at this point in my life I am addressing parts of myself that have never been cared for. Dr.Kortsch has not only inspired me through her writing but actually given me the exact reasons why the things she writes about are so important. She is brilliant and insightful and the book seems as if it was written just for me. Dr. Kortsch writes in a way that the reader feels it is a personal tool and meant specifically for putting new found information into action.

A big thank you to the author from my heart (my words don't really give the thought full meaning) for sharing her knowledge and really teaching a way to fulfillment.

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