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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Defining Passion:
  1. An unending desire and commitment, along with enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration to work towards a goal
  2. Willingness to take in the suffering that such passion involves (e.g. the Passion of Christ); suffering that may entail intermittent failure, derision and even rejection from your peers, moments in which you honestly don’t know how you can possibly continue, but you do continue
  3. Recognizing that the major portion of meaning in your life is derived from this passion, despite all of the above
A. If PASSION missing:
  1. You are continually searching for ways to make yourself feel good, none of which will do the trick until you re-focus onto a passion that gives significance and meaning to your life.Therefore: recognize that the self-sabotaging ways you are using to self-soothe yourself into feeling good, need to be set aside in order to make room in your life for step 1 below.
  2. You not only do not feel good about life in general, but you specifically do not feel good about yourself. Your self-esteem and sense of self-love is low or even non-existent. This has nothing to do with your bank account. Therefore: recognize that you feel this way due to the lack of passion or meaning and significance in your life. Stop worrying about how you are feeling and make room in your life for steps 1-3 below.
  3. You are not aware of any specific purpose or significance in your life, other than the accumulation of wealth, material goods, professional or social prestige, etc.Therefore: recognize that the pursuit of any of the described goals – while temporarily allowing you to feel good about yourself – give no lasting sense of satisfaction because this type of pursuit is not hitched to a goal that allows you to have that all-important sense of purpose and significance in your life. Concentrate your conscious efforts on steps 1-3 below.
B. How to regain PASSION:
  1.  Become consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings and begin to elevate your inner energetic frequency by using beauty, gratitude and mindfulness to do so 24/7 (book). Doing this is one of the best ways to begin to listen to your own inner wisdom with regards to that which you really feel motivated to do, towards that which is really a purpose in your life and that means something to you. Without such a purpose and meaning, it will be very hard to maintain passion in your life.
  2. As an added step, consciously use motivational and inspirational audios and DVD’s (see the right sidebar of this blog) that will allow you to raise that inner energetic frequency to get yourself to a place where you can revisit your goals and if necessary, shift to a new area of interest where you can successfully re-position your passion
  3. Write down your long-term and mid-term goals. Then do the near-term ones, until you get to tomorrow. What do you have to do tomorrow to get to that goal, and consciously make yourself be aware of the fact that as you do that supposedly small and unimportant tomorrow, it will however lead you to that all-important end goal that is giving passion to your life!      
C. How to maintain PASSION:       
  1. Continually remain conscious, about yourself, your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions, as well as about all the messages your body sends you (we have 3 brains: head, gut, heart) and you are constantly receiving messages from all them. These If you train yourself to listen to all of them, they will maintain you in passionate mode!
  2. Continually revisit your goals, readjusting the direction as necessary
  3. If setbacks occur, go back to the pointers for regaining your passion

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For much more about passion, meaning , purpose and sfignificance n  your life, about living consciously, about being aware of your thoughts and feelings, how you react to others and how you love yourself, as well as about choosing to seek your inner well-being above all, in order that you may have a ripple effect on all those who come in contact with you, get my book Rewiring the Soul: Finding the Possible Self, available at Amazon as a paperback or e-book for Kindle and all Kindle applications. Click here to download the first chapter.

A Review From the Back Cover:

"Rewiring the Soul is one the best introductions to the spiritual life I've ever read. Not esoteric but real-world and practical. Read it and Soul is no longer just a dogma, nor hypothesis, it is made real and as much a part of your being as your toes. We usually shut off our inner voice, yet by recognizing this aspect of ourselves we begin to discover our essential nature, our intuitive truth, and that becomes our loving guide. The author illustrates the limitations of living only as the mind's Ego, and demonstrates in practical terms how we can transcend this by awakening a conscious viewpoint, following the path of our intuition and feelings, no longer separated from our body and the reality around us, and integrating at last our Soul's inner guidance and wellspring of love. The implications are profound."

PETER SHEPHERD; Founder Trans4mind - www.trans4mind.com; author, Daring To Be Yourself

Photo: Amalfi Coast, Italy

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