"A revelation of insight into the foundations of human suffering & transcendence. It not only lays out essential steps for inner freedom and joy but illuminates the way to true human potential." Paul Rademacher, author: A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe

"The masterwork of a profoundly gifted healer of the soul. Dazzling, challenging, wondrously useful." Peggy Rubin, author: To Be and How To Be, Transforming Your Life Through Sacred Theatre

"Rewiring the Soul is one the best introductions to the spiritual life I've ever read. Not esoteric but real-world and practical. The implications are profound." Peter Shepherd, author: Daring To Be Yourself

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GLOBAL BOOK LAUNCH Today: 'Rewiring the Soul' by Dr. Gabriella Kortsch

Something extraordinary is happening today, and I believe in my heart that you will not want to miss it ... it’s all about LOVE.

Today, September 28th, I've come together with numerous other leading authors, teachers and experts for one special reason: to give YOU the power and the tools you need to transform your life by learning how to love.

By joining forces we have brought together a special collection of life-altering secrets, including one that – if applied to your life – means that you will never be the same again: Find Lasting Inner Well-Being, Joy, Peace & Freedom NOW!

And we are giving them all away for one day.

You can go here NOW to get all the details:


My new book Rewiring The Soul: Finding The Possible Self is now available globally in over 100 countries. This book can be vital in helping you make the positive changes you want in your life — and I'm so fortunate to have so many respected peers — that these authors and experts are joining me to spread the word. It's that important!
If it's your wish to walk through this world with a heart filled with love – not only for others, but specifically for yourself, in the knowledge that love for yourself is the first step in attaining your own higher possibilities — this is your chance to learn EXACTLY how, and to get numerous valuable BONUS GIFTS to boot.

Now is the time to take the first step into a whole new you! Go here now to find out more:


My warmest wishes for a loving and love-filled life,

Gabriella Kortsch

Photos: Chinese Character for LOVE & Cover of Rewiring the Soul

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