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Friday, September 30, 2011

Do Your Thoughts Torture You?

When your thoughts are allowed to do as they wish; when you are not in charge of them, you will generally find yourself in a position of being tortured by them. They come and go - seemingly of their own volition - and carry you in their relentless wake, often threatening to pull you under into a place that can only be likened to Dante's Inferno, an unending hell of servitude to those same thoughts. Furthermore, those same thoughts also bring about feelings that are typically negative, whether they are stressful, angry, impatient, painful or sad, or any other variation thereof.

Is this really something you want?

I imagine you are already shaking your head, because who would want something of this nature? Who would want to be tortured like this, and who would want to be held in the continual thrall of thoughts that are not ones that you would voluntarily have?

What can you do? Distracting yourself, or soothing yourself with addictions of any kind, ranging from drugs, alcohol and indiscriminate sex to rampant shopping, gambling, under- or over-eating, work-aholism or frantic socializing, are clearly not the answer, and yet, that is precisely what many people choose to do. And of course the result is never positive. It merely drags them down further.

Conversely, others seek spiritual answers, or meditate, or read many wonderful books, or go to numerous inspiring workshops. And yet, many of these people also find that this is not the answer. At least not if they are not consciously changing their lives by adopting some of the teachings they find in the books or workshops.

And so, those who continue in their place of pain or chaos or desperation, eventually find themselves in a place where they know that they no longer wish to remain. And then they finally begin to make some changes. And one of these changes, that impacts enormously on the weight of those unbidden and tortuous thoughts, is the decision to become conscious. Such a decision means that the one who now chooses your thoughts is you, as opposed to you being the one to whom the thoughts come. This alone can change the course of your life in an unparalleled fashion.

Are you choosing your thoughts today?
Are you choosing to become conscious today?

For more information about thoughts, choice, freedom and living a conscious life, get my book Rewiring the Soul: Finding the Possible Self, available in print and e-book format for Kindle and all Kindle applications at Amazon.

A recent reader had this to say about the book (in a review posted on Amazon):

I am still in the process of reading this book. I have been skipping around a little but it is really an amazing book of teachings, and information. I really enjoy the idea of an oak tree-that is my favorite tree! I understand the idea of awareness and through all of the author's articles and this book as well it makes me feel as though at this point in time of my life I am on a journey of becoming a more whole person.

The author has clearly been learning some very deep parts of life while I kind of ignored things in mine and stayed in a passive mode. However I think it's never too late and somehow at this point in my life I am addressing parts of myself that have never been cared for. Dr.Kortsch has not only inspired me through her writing but actually given me the exact reasons why the things she writes about are so important. She is brilliant and insightful and the book seems as if it was written just for me. Dr. Kortsch writes in a way that the reader feels it is a personal tool and meant specifically for putting new found information into action.

A big thank you to the author from my heart (my words don't really give the thought full meaning) for sharing her knowledge and really teaching a way to fulfillment.

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