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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who Angers You?

That's an easy one, you tell me. There are so many weird people out there, people who are inconsiderate, people who are inefficient, people who are rude, or downright insulting, people who don't think, they just don't use their head, people who make me waste my time. Those are people who anger me.

And don't get me started on those people that think the State owes them a living, or the people who shirk their civic duty when it comes time to give back a little, or hey, what about all those smug, self-righteous, arrogant and pompous people that think they know it all better, or do it all better than the rest of us. Those are people who anger me.

And of course the ones who actually think they are better than the rest of us. Because of the car they drive, or the clothes they wear, the house they own, the vacations they take, or the people they socialize with. They think they're better than the rest of us because they have more, and so they look down on us. Those are people who anger me.

And then, you know, there are those people whose motivating force is hate or racism or bigotry, and they are so often the authors of riots and acts of terrorism, or those others who wish to merely enrich their own accounts, and hence cause famines, or slavery, or wars or genocide. Those are people who anger me.

So of course people like that anger me. How could they not?

Here's how not: by allowing yourself to be angered - no matter what the provocation - you are allowing the other to be in charge of your state of inner well-being. You can be a much more effective harbinger of positive social change if you do not allow your emotions to be so swayed, but not because you are pretending whatever it was that was just said or just happened did not, but because from a place of conscious awareness you choose not to do so. And in that place you maintain a state of inner balance, from which you will be able to do something about what is happening in ways that go far beyond the ways of anger.

Being angered by another - no matter what the provocation - gives the other power over you. Think about that. Do you want something or someone to have power over you? I would imagine not. So therefore that implies that you need to become so conscious of yourself and aware of your reactions that you have time for the brief inner dialogue that allows you to make other choices ... to choose something different than anger. Perhaps you will choose to clearly indicate that the other person has overstepped boundaries. Or perhaps you will write to your local government in order to change some current by-laws. Or perhaps you will join others to look for new and life-giving ways of dealing with the many things that go wrong in our society. But you will have chosen from a place of awareness as opposed to having not chosen and having reacted in anger from a place of inner blindness.

For more about being aware of your emotions and creating a state of inner well-being, see my new book Rewiring the Soul, both in print and Kindle versions.

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