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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


You may say you wish to change something about your life. You may, in fact, try to implement specific techniques or strategies you have read about in a book, or learned from a workshop or therapist. But nothing much changes. Whatever is bothering you, or whatever you would like to change, is still there, hanging about your neck like a millstone.

So what's going on? Are you not doing it correctly?

It could be as simple as the fact that you have not truly examined your intention with regards to whatever it is you wish to change. If your intention is pure and strong, you will do whatever it takes to be aware of yourself - if not at all times, because at the beginning that simply does not come naturally, but at least as often as you can muster - with the intention of becoming more aware each and every day precisely in order to be in a position to remember to implement the techniques or strategies as often as possible on an ongoing basis. Having a clear intention can make all the difference.

Let's use the example of Rafael Nadal, although his activity is tennis, as opposed to changing something about his inner world, his character, his way of being and thinking. When he began to practice playing tennis as a boy, it is evident that he must have had a strongly formed intention to practice every day, to practice a minimum number of hours, and to take lessons from someone who knew more than he did. Perhaps he also practised - as do many top athletes - visualizing himself serving accurately and with incredible speed, using a killer backhand, or of visualizing himself at Wimbledon, at Roland Garros, or at Flushing Meadows, and receiving the winner's trophy. We all understand that there is absolutely no way on earth he could have achieved what he did, without said intention. Just having a parent or tennis pro wanting him to do it would not have been enough. It also needed to emanate from within himself.

So he would have become very aware of himself with regards to his intention towards tennis, with his practise and perhaps with his visualizations. Intention and awareness.

Now: why would you imagine it would be any different with yourself? Admittedly, you're not going out there to play the Davis Cup, but if you wish to change something about yourself, or way of acting, thinking, feeling, and reacting, you will need intention and you will need awareness. And both will feed each other until they become so ingrained that you simply can't imagine life anymore without being that way.

What are you doing today to strengthen your intention to become more aware?

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From a reader's review on Amazon:

Omram Michael Aivanhov has written that the difference between a flower and a weed is a judgment, the cause of so much of our existential pain. And Dr. Kortsch has identified clearly how to commence this wonderful journey from victimhood to self-empowerment, from judgment to compassion. Dr Kortsch has sketched from her personal experiences, professional expertise and her own on-going growth in self-awareness, how, and again using the words of Aivanhov, we can transform and distill our suffering into a most precious perfume by taking responsibility for our own well-being and opening our eyes and hearts to our innate freedom to choose to have and live a meaningful and happy life.

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