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Monday, August 1, 2011

And What Did You Do When You Woke Up Today?

Waking up is a wonderful time to take stock of yourself for that given day. You can give yourself a moment to feel yourself on the inside, to really notice how you feel at that moment, right after have woken up, take note of whether your energetic frequency is up or down or middling, take note of how your body feels, and especially, take note of what your thoughts are already beginning to say to you:
  • uff, another one of these days ... I wish I could go back to bed
  • oh wow, it's Saturday, today we're going to the beach and tonight I'm going out with ____________
  • how on earth am I going to face my boss and tell him I'm not going to make the deadline?
  • man, I slept badly
  • I can't believe this is my life and it's going to continue being that way for the foreseeable future
  • hi, Kitty (or dog), you look so beautiful and you're purring already!
They're all kind of clichés, and yet, if you think about it - and this is really the point I want to make today - how conscious are you really when you begin the inner and outer process in the morning? Because being conscious means that you'll be able to turn around and change the tenor, the feel, the color of your day, just by knowing you have a choice about how you continue to think about it all. (And being conscious means that you'll even think about doing any of this ... )

You have a choice about absolutely everything that goes on inside your head ... you just have to get conscious enough to be able to implement that choice. Also see Consciousness is a Full-time Job

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