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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dream Symbols 7: The House Part 2: The Kitchen

Photo: Georgian Manor Kitchen
Each room of the house carries symbolism due to that activity that naturally takes place in it. On this basis, much sense can be made out of our being in specific rooms in our dreams.

The kitchen is a room of the house in which we prepare meals. We bring basic elements there in order to cook them and turn them into dishes of varying types. In other words, the basic elements are transformed into something else. There is a process of transformation that takes place in the kitchen, an alchemical laboratory, and this process of transformation is similar in nature to the alchemical process in mythology and imagery, whereby a base metal such as lead is turned into gold.

So when we dream about being in a kitchen there is a symbolism of transformation in some part of our lives that is taking place. Being in the kitchen in the dream points to the fact that in waking life something is being changed from one state to another state.

Mexican Kitchen (Colonial) Photo Credit
Because kitchens used to be the realm of women, if in the dream kitchen there is a woman busily going about the business of food preparation, she may symbolize the part in us that is nurturing and motherly, even if the dreamer is a male.

Kitchens can point to the process we undergo when we wander along a higher and higher spiraling spiritual path, and kitchens can symbolize – due to the nature of objects held within it, especially in kitchens of another time – our sexuality. Some of these objects are mortar and pestle, a black chimney opening, the fire hole in a cooking surface, and so on.

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