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Monday, July 11, 2011

Dream Symbols 5: Flying

Flying is one of those fascinating dream symbols that appears to crop up more frequently in the dreams of persons who have lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are those dreams in which the dreamer is conscious of the fact that he or she is dreaming and is frequently capable of actually changing the tenor or direction of the dream. Lucid dreams have even been used in therapy, and I will be addressing this subject more deeply in a future post about dreaming.

So what does it mean when the dreamer is flying in the dream? The first question is whether the flying is done under your own steam, or whether you are flying in an airplane. The airplane type is much more similar to any other vehicle type of dream, where the vehicle may represent the dreamer’s life, and it is important to understand the physical positioning of the dreamer in the vehicle (are you the pilot, or a passenger; are you in the cockpit, in the galley, in the hold, or seated), another important element is to know whether you are flying smoothly, or there is turbulence, or whether you are flying up or coming down, or perhaps even nose-diving.

Each of these different possibilities offers a different potential symbolism pertaining to the dreamer's real life, so for example, in the case of the dreamer being the pilot of the plane, it would symbolize having much more control over the motion and forward movement of one's life, than if the dreamer were a passenger. Likewise, if the plane is undergoing difficulties, or if there is outer turbulence due to bad weather, it would symbolize such a condition in the dreamer's real life.

However, when the dream is of a dreamer who is flying himself, i.e., his body is flying through the air, then it has another possible panoply of symbolic meanings. First of all, take into account the possibility of the lucid dreaming as mentioned. Flying symbolizes a certain measure of freedom from earthly ties. It also symbolizes the possibility of a heightened sense of spirituality, or an increase of spirituality in the life of the dreamer, or a seeking of such spirituality by the dreamer.

It’s also important to get a feel for the ambience or atmosphere of the dream. Was the flying process enjoyable, or did it frighten you? Did you have a measure of control over the process, or was it all out of your hands? Were you keen on trying new stunts, or flying yourself to new places, or were you more interested in determining how to get back to the ground safely?

As with all dreams, it is important to make a note in your dream journal about the type of situation going on in your life during the day or two prior to the dream, as well as your feelings immediately upon awakening with regards to this dream in particular.

In most of these dream posts I have been recommending books, and here I recommend one about lucid dreaming by Stephen Laberge as well as another about healing dreams by Marc Ian Barasch:


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