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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why Can't We Be Happy?

Our happiness depends on so many external circumstances as long as we believe we are not responsible for it. Our happiness can never be in our hands as long as we consider that external factors have a decisive voice in how we feel,. Our happiness will always depend on the kindness or mercy of others and on the balmy winds of good fortune as long as we do not begin to take it into our own hands.

Happiness - the way we feel inside - and the messages we give ourselves with our thoughts and feelings and subsequent actions must be in our own hands. If we do not accept this, we can only be happy as long as those we love continue to love us and continue to live, and as long as our other life circumstances remain good. Once any of that fails, we have no alternative but to fall into unhappiness and misery.
But we have a choice. We can become responsible for our happiness. And once such a choice is taken, life as we knew it before will never be the same!

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