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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goals and Striving

Ho-hum. Another article about goals. Planning. Been there. Done that. Maybe not quite...

What if you think about your goals and striving from the point of view of inner growth while you are working on your outer goals? So this month, for example, you might work on your lack of patience. Next month you'll tackle being less judgemental. And the month after that you'll move towards being less critical of others.

Do you know what will happen if you do this? The goal you've set yourself for a given period of time will present itself to you in the form of constant challenges all month long. If you're working on being less judgmental, you will find yourself in situation after situation where your first instinct is to judge someone or something. Then you may remember your resolve. And then you may (or may not) choose to work on it by electing to think thoughts or voice words that are not judgmental. Your comfort zone will be invaded over and over again. You'll have to carry on inner dialogues and arguments that you may not always win. But if you stick with it (while you're working on your goal to become a millionaire or a doctor or concert pianist, or the best cake maker on the planet), you will have come closer to a goal of another kind, one that doesn't require a PDA or laptop or iPad or any kind of digital help at all. It only requires your determination and striving. And your awareness of yourself.

Photo Credit: Graur Codrin

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