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Monday, May 16, 2011

Choosing Gratitude - Choosing the Now

So many people find their lives so full of worry, sorrow, pain, anxiety, and fear. Especially in this climate of the global economic crisis.

Here's something you can do to deal with those difficult and dark emotions: as you find yourself immersed in yet another negative or hard thought or feeling, and find yourself succumbing to its way of pulling you into a black quagmire, do this:
  • chose to do something different about this today
  • chose to focus elsewhere (as opposed to the worry or the fear)
  • chose to feel gratitude for something right here and now (a butterfly, the blue sky, a whiff of heady jasmine from the garden next door, your laptop that connects you to the world in such fascinating ways, your dog, your child, your capacity to run, etc.) Whatever you feel gratitude for is not important, what is important is that you do feel gratitude.
  • as you do this, you will find yourself in the present moment. And in the present moment you are not in the place where you need to worry or fear,
  • the present moment brings you to the now, where the past or future have no place.
  • remain in the present moment for a while, choosing to continue to focus on something for which you feel gratitude.
  • one you notice that you feel better, move to your other duties, but continue this exercise as soon as you find yourself giving way to difficult or dark thoughts and feelings.

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