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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Are You Planning?

As you think about your plans, as you imagine how things will be when you achieve a specific goal, as you think about how you feel today with regards to what is on your plate, and with regards to what tomorrow and the next day, and the next week and month will bring you, so you make it.

In other words, you can have a pretty clear picture of what things will be like for you, in the months and years to come, if you pay close attention to the way you think about it right now.

Many authors write about this subject, ranging from business writers, to philosophers, to esoteric thinkers, but they all essentially give the same message: whatever you imagine now regarding your future, will have its place there.

Let's say you dream of building up a company, or having a restaurant, or recording a song that goes to platinum, or becoming an olympic athlete. These are your dreams. And you think about them. But the greater portion of your thinking time ... when you think about the dreams ... is spent thinking about everything that could go wrong. Or thinking about how you will never be able to achieve it. Or thinking about how you are crazy for even imagining that you could go that far. And so on. So you do actually spend some time working on your goal, you put in the hours, but the stuff that your thoughts of made of while you are doing this, is not conducive to achieving that goal.

So you need to begin to become aware of yourself. Become aware of exactly how you imagine that future, how you think about it, what you tell yourself as you do that, and how you feel as you are doing all of that.

It's almost impossible to be aware as I state in the foregoing paragraph, if you have not trained yourself to observe the state of your emotions as much as possible. Listen to my audio clip Emotions: Your Road to Freedom in order to understand this concept more closely, but the bottom line is this: if you are aware of yourself in your now moments, if you use that awareness in order to shift the state of your inner energy (see also The Energy Barometer, Make Your Mind Body Connection Work For You), if you remember to be in a state of gratitude, and if you remember to bring about as much joy as you can into your days, and you do this as much as possible, every day, all the time, you are creating another type of energetic frequency than when you do not do this. And that energetic frequency is capable of shifting the process of your life in ways that differ from the type of energy you create when you do not this. Look at it from this point of view: what do you have to lose trying this?

And here's another thing to remember: even if you are not thinking about goals ... whatever your current state is ... it paves the road for your future. Your current state carries energy with it. And that energy has a kind of strength that goes beyond just this moment. So become aware of your now moments. Always.

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