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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Wealth Does Not Embarrass Me

As spring enters the year with blossoms and brilliant sunshine and people enjoying the beach again (well, I do live in southern Spain...), I contemplate my life. A friend recently wrote to say what an awful year this has been for him, and for so many due to the recession, due to numerous other factors, both global and personal ... but mainly outer factors. The comment stopped me in my tracks, because I feel quite the opposite. It's been a year filled with infinite richness, with growth, insights, joy, happiness, excitement, successes, and fascination. Another friend wrote to say she was sorry I had not been having a good beginning to this year due to some logistical delays, but my immediate reaction was that it has been an excellent year so far, notwithstanding these delays, because of the richness of my inner life that translates itself to the outside, and more specifically, to how I view what is going on on the outside.

I am so rich. Wealthy in ways that at other times of my life might have embarrassed me. At least to talk about it.

I am rich in love. Rich in family. Rich in friends. Rich in inner choices. Rich in horizons, both near and far that keep me in a state of emotional, psychological, and intellectual stimulation. Rich in connection with my innermost self that keeps me in a state of spiritual stimulation.

It is perhaps the latter point that I find the most important one. And it is also that point that, when it is missing, when an individual is not yet paying homage to the self, to the jewel within, to the divine within, causes the greatest amount of disconnection, fear, and lack of happiness and satisfaction with life.

Photo: Giardino di Boboli, Firenze, Italia


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your insights. Makes me rememebr what riches I already ahve as well.

  2. Good read, and an inspiring perspective too.

  3. To inspire others is to spend in the wonderful way of the truly blessed the real wealth of the virtues within. Thank you.