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Monday, March 21, 2011

Emotions: Your Road to Freedom

Using your emotions as a gauge, in the same way you would use your temperature as a gauge to decide whether you need medication or to see a doctor, can help you move a long way towards well-being and freedom in your life. All you have to learn how to do is to maintain your energetic state, i.e., you emotions, in a place of well-being by choosing to focus on that which is good for you, rather than on that which is not, on that which raises your inner energy, as opposed to that which is not. Not by pretending that the negative thing does not exist, but by deliberately choosing to focus elesewhere.

Listen to my Youtube presentation about this topic:

Part 1 (9 minutes)

Part 2 (10 minutes)

Part 3 (8 minutes)

Part 4 (2 minutes)

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