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Monday, February 28, 2011

Past Trauma & Metaphysical Symbolism of Illness

The fact that our body is generally sending us a message when it gets ill about something that goes way beyond the physical body is no longer a thought that causes most people to go into paroxysms of disbelief.

PNI (psychoneuroimmunology) or the study of the body-mind connection, is a subject I've written about in the past, but while it is closely connected to today's topic, this - past trauma and metaphysical symbolism of illness - goes further. Understanding how past trauma may have brought about a present illness, and understanding the metaphysical symbolism of an illness, may well help you find your way through it to healing, health, long life, and above all, conscious growth.

With this in mind, my objective today is to equip you with several books that address the subject. This is not a definitive list. There are many others. But if I were ill at this time, these are the ones I would keep at arm's reach. Each is different, but all are complementary to each other. And if you have a favorite that it not part of this list, please do let me know in the comment section below!

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