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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Want Your Future To Be Different?

If you want your future to be different, it follows that you want it to be different from whatever your present circumstances are. So what do you have to change in order to ensure that different future?

Here's a very simple answer: You have to change as many of your current now moments as possible.

Here are some examples:
  • when you wake up and see a grey sky and think oh, no, not another grey day ... I hate grey weather, you need to be aware of those thoughts and what they do to your energy, and then change that and think other thoughts that bring about another kind of inner feeling than the oh no one.
  • when you drive to work and get impatient at traffic and clumsy or careless drivers around you, you need to be aware of what that impatience does to your inner energy and change that and work on becoming more patient, and perhaps simultaneously work on not focusing on the traffic and its frustration, but use your down time in the car in order to listen to inspiring or motivational CD's
  • when you put off doing something today, telling yourself that you can do it tomorrow, you may wish to reconsider, and decide not to put it off, in order to not only feel better about yourself due to having set procrastination to one side, but also, in order to have a clearer, less cluttered day tomorrow
  • when you decide what to put into your mouth, you may wish to change some of that, once you give a second of thought to the effect of that food on your body and mind
  • when you decide what to put into your mind via books, magazines, movies, music, conversations, people you socialize with, etc., you may wish to change some of that
  • when you react to your spouse / parent / child / sibling / business partner, etc. in a blind way, not thinking about how you are reacting, but simply reacting from the gut, reactively, blindly, you may wish to reconsider and really start practising becoming more aware in order to have conscious, as opposed to blind reactions. This will set off a chain reaction, the consequences of which you can only imagine
  • when you feel stressed or pained about something, and it goes on and on in your mind, and you just know that there is nothing you can do about it, or you know that it is continually in your mind because of what was done to you, how could you not think otherwise about such pain?, you may wish to reconsider and start using awareness to do something about the direction in which your thoughts go
Any or all of these examples will serve to make your future different. It truly is as simple as that. And just think: if you do this, how many other elements of your now moment will you be able to change to bring about an even greater future!

Photo Credit: nuttakit

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