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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are You Absolutely Certain It's Right?

You've just had a great idea. You are beginning to put it into practice, or having some initial conversations about getting it going. And the doubts assail you. Will you ever get it right?

You've been offered a new position. It involves a lot of money and prestige. Also a great deal of work. So far so good. All of that is to your liking and you have no fear of it whatsoever. And then the doubts assail you. Will you ever be able to take so much responsibility over so many matters and get it all right?

You've been painting for some time. You desperately want some recognition. The owner of a fairly well-known local art gallery proposes that you do a show there nine months hence. You know you will need at least another 15 pieces to do it properly and are filled with joy at the prospect of finally having an exhibition. And then the doubts assail you. Will you ever be able to get all those pictures done in time and done right?

You get the picture. Because you are uncertain about getting the finished product - or the demands of the job - or the idea - just right - you stop in your tracks and don't continue what you started. You become immobilized and paralyzed at the thought of not getting it right. Thoughts can be assassins, and these thoughts of doubt and something not being just right can kill an idea, an opportunity, or a new life long before you even give yourself a chance. Be aware of those thoughts and their power to annihilate. Beware of not doing that which you will regret in the winter of your life when you are sitting on your terrace in your rocking chair remembering it all. Recognize that none of the world's great accomplishments and discoveries and works of art would ever have been completed, if the people involved had allowed the thought of doubting the just rightness of the end product to deter their progress.

Photo Credit: Luigi Diamanti

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