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Monday, November 22, 2010

Is Your Universe Friendly or Hostile ?

Einstein said it.

You get to decide whether you live in a hostile or a friendly universe. You can decide what each of the things that happen every day mean. You get to decide whether your life is good or bad no matter how it may look on the outside...remember what I've said in other posts about Viktor Frankl or Nelson Mandela or other people who have gone through great suffering, and yet have made a choice about how their life is going, and especially how they are going to look at it, think about it, and hence, feel about it, and react to it.

Wayne Dyer says somewhere in one of his books or CD's that the more you look for reasons to believe that things are going against you, and that people don't like you or accept you, the less you will be disappointed in your expectations...

And don't forget that your thoughts - as molecular and cellular biology show us (see these posts on that subject) really do become things, so the manner in which you view your world and think about it is of great importance.

As I've pointed out so frequently: you choose.

You can choose to wake up in the morning and be grateful for the new day and new opportunities. You can choose to remember to be grateful to five people every day about something that happened with them, and to make a habit of this - without fail - in order to help keep your mind on that instead of what you didn't like. You can choose to find something in what you didn't like that is of value to you and your life, even if it is learning how to choose not to react negatively in the face of adversity.

You choose.

So start choosing the way that is of use to you, instead of the way that simply increments the negative.

You choose.

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  1. I totally believe in the power of thought to transform your inner happiness, but can one be too much of a Pollyanna and never force change because it is easier to not face the truth of their circumstance? I think sometimes facing the truth of the situation can make you take positive steps towards change.