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Friday, October 8, 2010

Your Words Shape Your Life

Think about the power of these phrases:
  • Oh, I hate it so much when people behave with such lack of sensitivity towards the disabled
  • I am such a klutz when it comes to following directions
  • I'm great at some things, but it's just impossible for me to draw a face
  • I can't stand people who are stingy
  • I really dislike rainy days
  • Don't you just want to kill people who can only see their own point of view?
  • I totally agree that the _______ (Gypsy, Romanian, Sudanese, Mexican, Jewish, Palestinian, etc.) people need to be returned to their own country
In each instance you are expressing something negative that affects a few moments of your life. In each instance you are moving away from peace and love and self-acceptance towards self-denial and hatred or revenge and even war.

Peace begins with a smile, Mother Teresa said. Peace never begins with war or vehement disagreement and hatred. It applies whether the peace is inner or outer. And it begins with the manner in which we use our words and our thoughts.

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