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Monday, October 25, 2010

Your Commitment

You are probably imagining that this is a post about commitment to your goals, commitment to being disciplined or commitment to making your dreams become a reality.

In a way I suppose we could say it is ... but approached from another angle, and that angle is you.

How committed are you to yourself? How committed are you to making the most of yourself in all possible ways and on all levels? Not for others, but for you. because you want to be able to believe in yourself, and you want to be able to love yourself, and part of this process is making a commitment to yourself where you set the benchmark and you hold yourself responsible for reaching it.

This is about you and the way you dialogue with yourself. The way you look at yourself. It's about the way you pull yourself up when you have fallen down and dust yourself off and start over. Not to prove anything to anyone but yourself. Because you are committed to yourself.

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