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Monday, October 18, 2010

Straight Lines & Curves

It would be great if life were so simple that we could live forward in a straight line. I mean, if we could know right from the beginning, that if we start on a given path, we will be able to continue on that given path until we reach our goal. Unfortunately - or perhaps it is in fact, rather fortunate as you'll see below - life is not like that, and since it throws us a number of curve balls, most of them unexpected, we have to follow curves in order to catch (or solve) those curve balls. In so doing, we often find our greatest lessons and rewards.

Because of this, learning to love the unexpectedness of life, the serendipity of life, the continually changing pattern and design of life as our life mingles with the lives of those we live with in all our myriad facets, will bring us to greater heights, to greater accomplishments, and ultimately, to know greater aspects of ourselves that we might never have discovered, had it not been for needing to depart from that very straight path we began out on.

Photo Credit: Filomena Scalise


  1. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and "luckily" I could not travel both ...
    The more crooked and complicated your life path is, the more colourful flowers and miraculous adventures you will encounter. On a road that's straightforward like a highway you won't find any flowers growing.

  2. What a beautiful and sensitive way of describing the process ... impossible to understand it so deeply without having had to circumnavigate the curves ... congratulations for appreciating the flowers and magnificent adventures they brought you!