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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seeing the Light at the end of the Tunnel

Back in July 2007 I blogged about the ordeal ending in freedom of kidnapped Alan Johnston. I speculated on why he survived and referred to some of the things he did in order to do that

His interview on the BBC indicated this: 
  1. he kept hoping that tomorrow would be better 
  2. he consistently minimized his fears
  3. he accentuated any mildly positive element
Today - the day of the recue of the Chilean miners - at this writing, 16 have been pulled to safety, and I just want to say this:
  • what were you doing the day their ordeal began? It was August 7th, 2010
  • if they were able to survive those first 17 harrowing days when no one had found them, when they did not know if they ever would be found, and during which time they had only small bites of tuna and a tiny amount of water,
  • and since then, if they have been able to survive the additional 52 days, not knowing if and when they would, in fact, be rescued,
  • and today, if they have been able to survive coming up through 700 metres of mountain in a tiny capsule, 54 cm in diameter ...
If they have been able to maintain hope and courage and survive this, then we can take heart from their strength. We can emulate them, and in our own travails begin to apply the same courage. If they can do this, then we can do whatever it takes to deal with our own lives!

Photo Credit: As We Travel

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