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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Ego and Gratitude

Gratitude, as I've spelled out in many past posts here, has the capacity to pull us into the present moment. Hence, when you focus on something for which you feel gratitude, you momentarily come to a place of peace where the incessant mental chatter leaves you alone for a moment or two, where you no longer contemplate the pain some past event caused you, or worry about some future event that may or may not occur.

But here is another thing that happens when you focus on feeling gratitude, and I only realized this today as I viewed an excellent lecture by Deepak Chopra that I posted to my Facebook Page Rewiring the Soul.

It is this: due to the fact that the incessant mental chatter leave you alone for a moment or two during your contemplation of gratitude, your ego cannot dominate you. Being filled with gratitude, being in the present, frees you from the ego.

How great is that!!!

Listening to a super lecture by Deepak Chopra

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