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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doubt Your Limitations

We are so good at doubting ourselves. Sometimes we doubt whether we will be able to make it through the day, or we doubt whether we will be accepted at college, or get the job, or get a date with the girl/boy, or pass the driver's exam, or learn how to ride a bike. And of course we doubt whether we will ever be able to excel.

So here is a suggestion: why not make a habit of doubting your limitations? Begin to doubt that you have limitations. Beginning to doubt your limitations means that you'll begin to look at the whole thing very differently. A conundrum, of sorts. You'll be looking at it from outside the box, as opposed to looking at it from the ho-hum viewpoint you have clung to all your life

Doubt your limitations. Allow yourself to soar. Emerge from the chrysalis so that the entirety of your transformed beauty can be seen!

Photo Credit: Blue Morpho Butterfly -  Butterfly Pictures

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