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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Changing Your Inner Energy

How well you feel inside often appears to depend on mere chance, or at best, outer circumstances over which we have little or no control. In this blog I have posted about how important it is to keep our inner energy high on numerous occasions by observing not only our thoughts, but also all that with which we surround ourselves.

Yesterday, during the 21 hours of the Chilean miner rescue operation, several people mentioned to me that they were astounded at the outpouring of interest by so many people all over the world for this event. After all, only 33 miners were involved, and compared to the Haitian earthquake disaster involving hundreds of thousands, or the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, they could not understand that, according to media reports, one billion viewers watched the rescue globally. And many of these viewers went back over and over again, to see yet another miner pulled out of the hole, and yet another miner reunited with loved ones.

What was going on?

Aside from natural human empathy for such a situation, another thing was going on. And I am very confident that most of those watching felt some of what follows.

Each time a new miner emerged, each time we saw he was in reasonably good shape physically, and in most cases, in great shape (at least this is how it appeared) on other levels, and each time we saw him reunited with loved ones and personally greeted by Chile's president Piñera, something shifted on an inner level in our own selves. This inner shifting involved an elevation of the inner energetic frequency of what for the sake of easy understanding, I am going to call our mood. We felt good. It made us feel good. We rejoiced. So our inner well-being changed, even if only for a moment. And we liked it. Some kept going back for another fix. After all, there were 33 in all!

And here's the thing: you can do the same for yourself at any time you choose to refocus on something different than what you are currently focusing on, if you need to elevate your sense of inner well-being.

Learning from what happened to you yesterday, is a huge step in understanding what you can, in fact, do for yourself at all times. And you don't need miners being rescued. You just need choice and focus.

For more detailed information, read some of the articles in the link above.

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