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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's In Your Psycho-Spiritual First-Aid Kit?

We all know that our normal first-aid kits requires items such as gauze, iodine, antibiotic cream, aspirin, etc., but we generally don't look at the well-being of the rest of ourselves - the mind and the spirit - as requiring an equally (if not much more) important first-aid kit.

  • when you have a headache, you may take a nap, take an aspirin, or rub a slice of lime over your forehead
  • when you're running a slight temperature, you may take an aspirin
  • when you step on a rusty nail, you will either wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide and apply anti-biotic cream, or you'll make an appointment to get a tetanus shot
  • when you have diarrhea, you eat some bananas, or have some anti-diarrhea medication
So what do you do when:
  • you're feeling low
  • your best friend has betrayed you
  • you've been down-sized
  • the gray, damp weather is driving you to distraction
  • your spouse/partner has given you a weird look and you know, judging by that feeling in the pit of your tummy, that something is going on
In both sets of examples, you get my point, but in the second set, there are no easy aspirins or bandages to apply. That's why it's so necessary to have your very own psycho-spiritual first aid kit available. This may consist of supportive friends, inspiring or motivational literature or audio programs, the knowledge that if you go out into nature, or choose to focus on gratitude, it will help turn a leaf on how you are feeling, and so on. But in order for it to work, you must
  1. have some of it in place, because you've explored it, worked with it, done it and felt the effect it has on you at good times
  2. begin one or more of it immediately when you notice something is going on. In the same way that you know that if you don't get the tetanus shot in time, there may be more serious consequences, so you should also take on board, that if you don't undertake to do something about your inner state immediately, there may be more serious consequences.
A final point to remember: the more you choose to do this, the more it becomes a habit, the less you need to think about it, and the more it will have a positive effect on your state of mind very quickly.

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  1. Mine are - not necessarily in this order nor for every occasion - walking in nature, my Friday cava date with my girlfriends, writing in my journal, Reiki, my husband's hug and shoulder to cry on (if issue not about him, obvioulsy,) listening to Carolyn Myss, and allowing myself to feel sorry for myslef for a short time, while I curl up and sleep or watch tv - before I reach out to the above.