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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where Is Our Inner Voice?

The question about the inner voice is one that has plagued most of those of us who ask the question. What we're really asking is how do we know that what we're hearing is truly the inner voice and not the ego, or self-talk, that non-ending inner conversation that will never finish until we become aware and mindful enough to do something about it.

So here's my take on it in a nutshell:

  • first you need to become aware of the ego's voice inside of you, in other words, your self-talk

  • next, come to understand the messages your self-talk is giving you ... day in ... day out. Some of those messages may be ok, but most are probably not

  • next, become aware of your body. For example, notice how your solar plexus scrunches up when you hear a police siren behind you, and how it gradually relaxes once you realize the patrol car has passed you in hot pursuit of someone else

  • next, attempt to connect the feelings in different parts of your body (lump in throat, thumping of the heart) with messages you are giving yourself with your self-talk

  • now choose to change the self-talk when you feel the body's message (example: thought: I'll never be able to do this. feeling in the body: tightening in the tummy or chest, perhaps less oxygen intake, etc. New message to self: If I was able to do such-and-such in the past, I can also do this or If they trusted me to do this, I can do it (always assuming it's something do-able ... if you are 1.64m tall you will probably not be able to play pro basketball).

  • so now that you are beginning to recognize self-talk and its effect on you, you can begin to start paying attention to the inner voice, which is quite different. Why? Because it comes from your most inner self that loves you well, some might call it the soul.

  • it might be the part that is urging you to change jobs, even if it means taking a cut in pay, so that you can do something that you are passionate about.

  • and here's the clincher: normally the difference between self-talk and the inner voice is that the latter brings forth some wonderful emotion, closely linked to excitement and joy ... but generally not desire or longing... 
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