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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Symbols

A cross is one of our most potent symbols, so is a swastika, and yet what those symbols mean to us, is very different to what they meant to cultures long ago. The former, the cross, was already a symbol to Pagan cultures millenia before it became a symbol for Christianity, and the latter, the swastika, was an "ancient occult symbol found in Egypt, China, India." This "picture shows part of a Hindu temple.

Chinese versions include a right-handed (yang) and a left-handed (yin) version -- opposites that "harmonize." It has represented the sun, the four directions, movement and change (the four appendages) and union of opposite (lines crossing). Source

The point of this is that what we see is not always what it is. What we see is what our minds have decided it is, or what our culture has decided that it is, but if we can just step outside of that, we can see so much more.

A rather roundabout way of suggesting we become more open-minded about so many of the things, the symbols, that surround us. Let us not always jump to narrow conclusions. Let us be more free with our thinking.

Photo Credit: Dan

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