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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Emotions and Clogged Arteries

An intelligent health newsletter that I follow is written by Dr. Ben Kim. Not only does he offer sensible information without a constant assault of selling products, but he also offers great recipes that I have frequently put into delicious use.

Today he writes about clogged arteries and while he gives advice from the latest research - specifically from Dr. Dean Ornish, author of such renowned books as:
Dr. Ben Kim is, in fact, in this fascinating article, offering another kind of advice:

"To reduce risk of heart attack and stroke, one of the most important lifestyle choices to make is to learn how to effectively manage emotional stress because it's emotional stress that's most likely to cause rupture of vulnerable plaques in your arteries via sudden constriction that's regulated by your autonomic nervous system."

"Numerous studies clearly indicate that mental and emotional stress - including chronic depression and anger - significantly increase your risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke. This is why being in an unhappy long term relationship is arguably just as dangerous to your health as smoking, eating poorly, and not being physically active."

Read the entire article here

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