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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer

Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer--And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place
The latest book written by prolific non-medical professional Suzanne Somers: Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer--And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place came to me right after another friend had succumbed to breast cancer. Due to that death, that I felt was so unnecessary, as well as due to the death of so many from my inner circle over the past years --- almost all to cancer, and due to my own bout with it several years ago, I felt impelled and obliged to read this one.

The book is filled with interviews with doctors who are curing cancer, doctors who are showing a much better rate of survival than the one we find in usual oncology-speak of about 5%, doctors who don't tend to go down the surgery-and-chemo-route, and yet doctors who are physicians, not doctors who are charlatans or worse.

Some of these doctors have been jailed (due to allegations by the FDA - here in Spain similar organisms have done the same to other doctors who also work on the healing side as opposed to mutilating side of cancer treatments), others are ridiculed, and so on, but judging by the reports contained in this book, all are revered by their oncology patients. That kind of says it all.

Go have a look at the book using the link above, read some of the readers' comments (not all like the book), buy it, and judge for yourself. If I ever had cancer again, after what I learned during my own bout with it, as well as watching so many die from it, I can tell you that the one road I not would go down is the one that connects to mutilating surgery and devastating chemotherapy. There are other choices and there is hope!

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