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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Not Stop Believing in Your Limitations?

How can I stop believing in my limitations is what is most likely going through your head, maybe even in derision at the author's naiveté at believing such a thing is even possible...

Let me put it to you like this: how much of your psychic energy does it take to continue to believe in your limitations? (I'm using the word 'psychic' in the sense of inner energy, as opposed to physical energy). Could you agree with me that it might take an equal amount of energy to sustain another kind of belief? One that holds that your limitation is not one.

If you believe you can't run a marathon (assuming you have use of your legs), you can't, right? But what might happen if you began to believe you could?

If you believe you can't return to university at 43, you can't, right? But what might happen if you began to believe you could?

I imagine you get my drift. When you believe something about yourself it may be due to any number of reasons, some of which are:
  • upbringing and your parents' beliefs
  • having tried something once, not having succeeded, and then having decided that you will never be able to do it
  • things society says about people like you (whatever that means)
  • never having challenged the belief
  • knowing - somewhere deep inside of you - that as long as you believe in your limitation, you don't have to risk trying something you haven't tried before
So what would happen if you decided to believe in different things than the ones (or at least some of the ones) you have believed in up to now? In other words, invest the energy you currently invest in believing in your limitations in believing that you can overcome your limitations.

Reinforcing one type of belief is just as difficult in one direction as in the other one. Or just as easy. 

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