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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Growing New Body Parts

A recent article at CBS with several videos, caught my attention.

Nine years ago, along with eight other patients, Kaitlyne McNamara, a college student who was born with Spina bifida which caused her bladder to fail, received a new bladder grown from her own cells outside the body. She says the procedure changed her life. "I never even knew I could get this far. I'm just living a normal adult life."

It sounds like science fiction, but the fact is biotech companies and the government are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into research they hope will one day make it possible for us to grow new body parts.

It is called regenerative medicine and the goal is to help the thousands waiting for organ transplants and the hundreds of veterans who return from Iraq and Afghanistan horribly maimed.

So far, researchers have created beating hearts, ears and bladders by manipulating cells in the human body into regrowing tissue. The hope is to one day profoundly change human lives.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Read the entire article here, and if you have any problem viewing the embedded video above, click here in order to watch it at the original site.

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