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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Transitioning Out of Life

Death is a subject that has often been on my mind because it began visiting the course of my life relatively early, losing a grandmother at 13, my mother at 19, my only brother at 23 when my eldest son was only thre weeks old, and since then, so many, so many more that have been important in my life.

So it was with great interest that I have been reading a series in the New York Times about the subject of the transition and how to deal with it:

And this article, that does not form part of the series, nevertheless adds to it:

And here you can join the online discussion at the NY Times Talking to Patients About Life's End


  1. From the perspective of Intercultural communications, International Business, and HR Consulting combined with Regression Therapy & Spirit Releasement Work Raymond Moody, MD; Michael Newton, PhD; Shakuntala Modi, MD; Deepak Chopra, MD . . Hugh Everett and Quantum Mechanics or the History Channel's discussion of Paralell Universes. . . .gives us an entirely different lifescape than Judeo Christianity would accord. Our work with Clients in other times, and after death suggests that Hell is Here and Hean is Within. . . along with many Eternities. . . Transition is Freedom from fear and ignorance. . . the real question is why, we are afraid of death. . . . especially if it is a abnormal concern. . just get regressed to the origin of the concern, and process what surfaces. . . which should release you from the concern/fear. . . .try it and see! tc

  2. I concur totally. Much of the work I do in my private practice revolves around past life regression, although I have come to the recognition that not even that is necessary to lose the fear of the transition.

    As my interview with William Buhlman (see my Radio Page on the website www.advancedpersonaltherapy.com) shows, OBE's are another great path to the same place.

    And there are others.



  3. Thanks for another great post. Really appreciate it!