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Friday, July 24, 2009

Choosing the Meaning That Serves You Best

When things happen to you in life, which meaning do you choose to give them? Are they meanings that make life even harder, or are they meanings chosen by you that make life better, or easier?

Willard Barth has come up with a series of very brief videos to walk you though a process he went through himself over the course of his life as he learned how to make life better and easier. He speaks a language very similar to my own, and I feel that the manner in which he presents the information through such brief videos that come to very succinct points, is highly conducive to quick understanding and learning.

Watch these videos and improve your own life.

Episode 1: The Importance of Becoming Self-Aware

Episode 2: The Only Way We Truly Learn Is By Failing

Episode 3: I Realized To Soar, I Needed To Let Go Of The Past

Part 4: The Only Meaning That Anything Has Is The Meaning That We Give It

There are more episodes, and Willard is also continuing to add even more. Watch them by clicking here

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