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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Raising Energy As You Iron & Clean

My monthly newsletter went out yesterday (subscribe here) with the feature article's topic being about raising your energy ... your inner energy. It's a favorite topic of mine, especially in times when so many people are suffering inner fear and trepidation about their future due to the current financial crisis.

In the article, I include a long list of websites that offer much material, in particular audio, that is almost all free, downloadable, and hence can be used to burn on CD's or iPods for listening in moments when one is "making time", as when one is driving to work, etc.

At any rate, one of the newsletter readers wrote this back to me:

Just a thought you might want to share with your readers:

I go to inspirational websites, a few of the ones you mention, when I have to do unpleasant chores – ironing, cleaning, organizing the closet – so that I actually look forward to those activities because I get uninterrupted listening time (my daughters never interrupt me when I do those chores, otherwise they might have to help). I don’t have Cd player in the car, nor an ipod, so I listen on my computer. If I were just listening, the others in my house would think I were “available” and I would be interrupted several times. So cleaning and ironing have become my inspirational moments….

What an excellent suggestion! Thank you.

Photo: Cordoba, Spain (taken January 2009 ... check out the oranges!)

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