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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Neuroscience & Happiness (Change in Programming for Radio Show)

Once a month I post the current list of topics for my weekly radio show, live every Wednesday at Rewiring the Soul.

Unexpectedly there has been a slight departure from the June programming I had blogged about earlier, and hence, my guest for Wednesday, June 24th, will be Martina Sheehan from Australia.

Read the full description of the show:

Martina Sheehan: Neuroscientific Approaches to Brain Training and Happiness

Train your 100 billion neurons to live well and work well with Brain Trainers™ You might not realise it, but you have been training your brain since the day you were born. Everything you learn, everything you think, and everything you do trains the billions of neural connections in your brain and builds habits that can last a lifetime. Use Brain Trainers™ to focus on the habits you want to strengthen in your life. Join me to speak with Martina Sheehan, Director reinvention® and Brain Trainers™ about these cards that she and her partner Susan Pearse have developed and will be developing.

Click here to access the show

See their website http://www.brain-trainers.com/

This show had previously been scheduled to air on Wednesday, June 24th at 7 pm Central European Time, or 1 pm EDT, but due to the exigencies of the changes described above, the show will air at 9 am European, or 5 pm in Brisbane, Australia. If you are not able to join us live for the show, please listen to the archived file at the link indicated at the above show access, at whatever day or time you wish.

All previously aired shows on Rewiring the Soul are available like that as well, as your convenience, or you can download them and put them on your iPod or burn them on to CD's for easy listening in the car or wherever you please.

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