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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to Change Your Energy Level

If you are feeling bad in any way it's time to change your energy level. How you feel is something you can choose to change. Not because you pretend that whatever you are feeling bad about does not exist, but because:
  • you choose to look at it differently
  • you choose to focus elsewhere
  • you choose to think about it in another way
  • you choose to remain aware at all times (aware of yourself in all ways)
  • you choose to move beyond your current comfort zone
  • you choose not to remain at the energetic level at which you currently find yourself
  • you choose to move your energy higher
  • you choose to recognize that frequently how you feel derives from not having made the choice to forgive someone
  • you choose to take responsibility for how you feel at all times
  • you choose to be grateful at any given moment
  • you choose to move into the now

Feeling bad is a choice ... and you can choose to feel differently.

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