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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Judging ... A Noxious Habit We All Need To Eliminate

I was recently in Dubai, Oman, and Abu Dhabi. It was not my first visit to the Gulf, and as before, I enjoyed my time there enormously.

Nevertheless, being faced with women wearing (mainly) black abayas on a frequent, if not constant basis, does make a Western woman think. One thinks about how differently one has been raised, one thinks about what for one might signify freedom, for the other might signify a lack of morality. And so on. There are no swift and easy answers.

But ... as I said, it does make one think. And so I was highly interested in a recent CBS News article by Mary Walsh about her experiences as a female reporter in Saudi, a Gulf country that I have not visited, although I have made the acquaintance of a number of its citizens. Read her impressions (and readers' comments) here .

And watch the 60 Minutes video about the story she went to Saudi to write about below:

(If you experience difficulties in viewing the video, watch it at the original website here)

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