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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ridding the Body of Trauma and Stress

Yesterday I interviewed David Berceli, Ph.D., and Riccardo Cassioni, Ph.D. on my radio show. After working with thousands of trauma victims in 19 countries over a period of 15 years, David came to some realizations about how the body can be induced to deal with past or present trauma and stress.

He and Riccardo furthermore not only share this information via workshops, but also via books and a DVD on their website. In other words, this can be learned by anyone, on their own, at home, and then utilized over and over again, in order to maintain a stress-free body. This does not require a costly therapist working with you over and over again.

A stress-free body will have much greater difficulty in getting ill, or in developing any of our feared, 21st century, terminal diseases, not to mention that a stress-free body will make its owner much more susceptible to a joyous, energetic life.

Please listen to the interview on my radio show Rewiring the Soul, by clicking here

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