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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Intuition is Your Connection to the Divine

This voice inside of you ... that so often you pretend not to hear. This knowing inside of you ... that so often you ignore. This knocking at your inner door ... that so often you turn away from. This thing that pursues you over and over again, talking to you, making you think about whatever it is that you continue to turn a deaf ear to, this thing is your intuition and your connection to the divine.

Caroline Myss says that self esteem is essential in order to be able to listen to one's intuition, that it is imperative that one hones one's self esteem if one wishes to come into contact one's own divine self, and that seems to make a lot of sense. Consider that we are rarely encouraged as we go through school to pay attention to our intuition. Rather, our rational mind is extolled, and in its continual exaltation over emotions and intuition, we quickly learn to distrust emotions and intuition, and hence, in order for us to even begin to listen to our intuition, we require rather great resolve and self esteem.

In recent years much fascinating work has been done in the world of neuroscience and social psychology (see the related articles below) indicating that our erstwhile haste to disqualify the non-rational world of emotions and intuition was perhaps not well-advised because inter-disciplinary work by scientists is beginning to indicate that emotions and intuition are not only valuable adjuncts to our rational intelligence, but possibly even prime stars themselves in our quest for a balanced understanding of our world and ourselves.

But why is intuition our connection to the divine? What is the divine? Is it not the eternal part of each of us? Is it not the part of us that connects us not only to all others, but also to all creation? And if that is so, then isn't it logical (if I may use such a word in such a context) that somewhere inside of each of us there must be a connection to this divine part?

Joseph Campbell, the great mythologist, very much a Jungian at heart, wrote this:

The divine manifestation is ubiquitous
Only our eyes are not open to it.
Awe is what moves us forward.

Live from your own center.
The divine lives within you.
So we must be able to connect to this divine part. Meditation is one method. Listening to our intuition is another. (And there are others as well).
We know that for most of us things don't come totally naturally. They have to be learned and practiced. And so it is with listening to our own intuition. Begin listening to that voice, to that knowing, to that knocking, to that thing that connects you to yourself in a way that reaches far beyond your physical body.

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