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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Genetic Link to Disease Remains Unexplained

Amazing! On the front of the New York Times is an article titled Genes Show Limited Value in Predicting Diseases. Basically it expresses the disappointment experienced by researchers thus far, that the connection between disease and genes has not yet been found in the way that was hoped.
"Since the human genome was decoded in 2003, researchers have been developing a powerful method for comparing the genomes of patients and healthy people, with the hope of pinpointing the DNA changes responsible for common diseases"
“With only a few exceptions, what the genomics companies are doing right now is recreational genomics,” Dr. Goldstein said in an interview. “The information has little or in many cases no clinical relevance.”
Little or no clinical relevance?
"Unlike the rare diseases caused by a change affecting only one gene, common diseases like cancer and diabetes are caused by a set of several genetic variations in each person. Since these common diseases generally strike later in life, after people have had children, the theory has been that natural selection is powerless to weed them out."
"Most of the genetic link to disease remains unexplained."
It would appear that this may be the time that Bruce Lipton's work, a cellular biologist who has been saying for years that we are not genetically predetermined, needs to be looked at under a more powerful microscope by the scientific community that thus far has been eschewing Lipton's empirical findings.
“In pointing at everything,” Dr. Goldstein writes in the journal, “genetics would point at nothing.”
Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief, has many articles on his website, and a number of highly illuminating full-length videos available via Google Videos.
In Mind, Growth & Matter on his website, Lipton says "The old vision was that genes are selfactualising (turn on and off). But current data reveals that there is no such thing as an on/off function for a gene because genes are blueprints (plans) to make proteins, which are the building blocks that give shape to the structure.

The significance of this shift in belief is vast in that the original view led to the notion that we are victims of our biology. Whereas the ‘new’ sciences show that we are actually masters of our biology.
The new understanding of how genes work is that [...] genes are actually blueprints that are read.
In an interview (on his website), Lipton is asked who or what does this reading.
He replies: Exactly. That was the question. Suddenly the emphasis shifted and the issue became, who the heck is reading them? It transpires that the reader is the mind. So the mind becomes the all-powerful contractor of the body. The mind tells the cells what it anticipates and the cells go into the blueprint – the DNA – and create what the mind is anticipating.
So it follows that what you do with your mind is all-important with regards to your genetic development. Lest you believe that this then answers it all, let me hasten to add that it obviously does not. Once this is understood, the individual must begin to work with himself. Mind - body - spirit. This can be done in a number of different ways, and mindfulness (Jon Kabat Zinn, see his videos also) is a great way to start. Lipton recommends energy modalities of which there are many.

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