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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Doubt Your Limitations

I love this concept ... doubt your limitations!

This afternoon a friend mentioned the recession to me. His tone was low, he sounded defeated (and he is in fact, in quite a good position financially). When I encouraged him to speak differently, he admonished me, saying that it is not responsible to not consider the difficulties this recessions brings to most of us on an ongoing basis.

I begged to differ, arguing that concentrating on all these negative thoughts, brought no one any good.
  • Being responsible has nothing to do with thinking dire thoughts about the potentially dire things that could happen.
  • Being responsible does have much to do with taking responsibility for every moment of every day.
  • Being responsible also has much to do with understanding that your inner well being depends on what you do with your emotions and your thoughts.
  • Being responsible further has much to do with recognizing that even when you are in dire circumstances (e.g., cancer diagnosis, bankruptcy, your daughter is an addict, a hurricane is on the way to your city, etc.), you are not being more responsible by spending more time thining about the dire circumstance. Being responsible means doing your due diligence, brain storming, trying to find solutions, but then letting the matter be until the next day.

If your thoughts go to your limitations, and the limitations of your circumstances (currently for many of us the recession), then you will most certainly not be creating inner well being. If your thoughts go towards doubting your limitations, you are on the road to departing from your comfort zone, to growth, to expansion, and to thinking out of the box. That is being responsible.

Doubt your limitations.

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