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Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Energy!

If you've read some of my posts about energy, you will know that I constantly encourage people to have a good selection of audio CD's or clips to listen to, audio files by persons who inspire and motivate you, persons whose own energy is so high, and whose words contain a special energy, so that your own energetic frequency is raised when you listen to them, especially during dead moments of the day, such as when you are driving the car alone, or shaving, putting on your make-up, etc.

You could even make use of your collection while you are exercising, but I hesitate to do so on my daily power walks to the beach because that time - walking alone and communing with myself - is very special to me, and I prefer not to fill it with something else. But when I'm on a treadmill or another machine in the gym or the house, that's also dead time, that can purposefully be used to listen to something that instills energy in you.

OK. So far so good. But you have to get yourself this selection, and that can be expensive. So here on my blog, on the right side-bar, in the Links section, all the links that are preceded by an asterisk, are websites where audio material is available, generally free of charge, that can be downloaded and burned to CD's or moved to iPod's, etc. in order that it can easily be used to listen to. My new radio show ReWiring the Soul (since January 2009) offers free downloads of all shows after they have aired. And my earlier radio show (2003-2008) now has over 150 clips available for listening on my website, although these are not set up for download. For anyone who wishes to have those clips for listening in the car or on the go, I will have a CD of the entire collection out shortly.

And yesterday an email arrived announcing a series of talks to be given by speakers - some very well known, such as Donna Eden, Lynn Andrews, Dannion Brinkley, Jonathan Goldman, Bruce Lipton, Bernie Siegel, Eric Pearl, and many others, and these talks will be available at no charge. See it for yourself by clicking here. There is a small catch ... you have to listen to the talks live, and there is indeed no charge for that. If you want to download them, then you'll have to pay something. Nevertheless, there is great stuff here.

Do yourself a favor and begin to give yourself the daily gift of listening to something that will raise your energy. Allow yourself to get used to feeling so good all the time, so that when you do not, you immediately recognize that something is off and will do whatever it takes to bring yourself back to that good inner state.

These tools ... audio clips and audio CD's are so simple to use and they can make an enormous impact on your life.

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