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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Abraham Hicks, Kate Winslet & Penelope Cruz

A quote from Abraham Hicks:

Those that are succeeding and are thrilled and joyful in the unfolding will often tell you, "I've dreamed this since I was little. I imagined it, I pretended it, I used to practice with the hairbrush pretending it was a microphone." Purity is the alignment of energy. Doesn't matter what anybody else thinks about anything. It only matters what you think about it.

This is what it made me think of: During their Oscar acceptance speeches a couple of nights ago, the actresses Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz both referred to their childhood.

Kate Winslet said that she had often given Oscar acceptance speeches in her childhood ... standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a bottle of shampoo in her hand to symbolize the Oscar.

Penelope Cruz referred to the fact that she is from Alcobendas in Spain, and that as a child she always watched the Oscars and realized that her goal to get there was highly unrealistic under those circumstances.

Both women had a vision. They embued their emotions, as they imagined themselves in another situation than the one they were actually in, with joy and electricity and strength. Both women risked failure. Both women are tremendously self-disciplined. Both women imagined themselves being what they now are.

And so they are now what their vision was.

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