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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whatever You Can Conceive and Believe....You Can Achieve!!!

The sentence used as the title for today's post has been attributed to different writers over the years, ranging from Goethe to Napoleon Hill. The idea inherent in it, even if not the exact words, has indeed been expressed for centuries, if not millennia by many different thinkers, writers, and philosophers.

But few of us actually take it to heart.

If you can imagine something, and you can believe in it, you can achieve it. That is what it says ... and that is what many have done in some fashion or another. Look at it from the point of view of authors from other epochs, such as Jules Verne who envisioned traveling to the moon, or boats that went under water. In his time such thinking was considered the product of a fanciful mind, given to perhaps a too high degree of imagination. And yet, we brought it about. Think about celebrities who tell interviewers that from the time they were children, they could see themselves singing or acting in front of vast audiences.

Finding examples that prove - in some fashion - the veracity of the statement in the title of this blog is not hard. It is much harder finding within ourselves the psychological and emotional resources and wherewithal, not to mention the spiritual ones, that lead us to such a place where we can, in fact, bring such thinking into our own lives.

What do we dream of? What - if we imagine it, or daydream about it - brings us to a place where we feel invigorated, charged, pumped? What does feeling that way tell us? If we are to believe many writers of this 21st century, it means that we are on the track to something that brings us closer to our life's true purpose. Supposing that is true, and supposing the statement from the title of today's post is also true, doesn't it then make sense, that we round out this image in our mind, that we hone it and define it and dream about it with such detail that we really know what it would look like, be like, feel like, taste like, sound like, etc., if it were already real?

And once it is so real in our minds that we can almost touch it, that we then believe in it, in order to bring it another step closer to reality?

Somewhere in there, of course, there has to be an action plan. If we don't know exactly how to bring something about, we can nevertheless be consciously working on early steps, aware of the fact that the more we move in the direction of the image, the more we open opportunities for doors to open that will bring us closer to it.

Along this road towards the achieving of the dream you must understand that it is essential to pay very close attention to your emotional frequency. The more you dwell on that which is not yet the way you want it to be, the more you dwell on the current reality of something you do not wish in your life, the more you will have it. In other words, while you dwell in the current reality, the way you are feeling needs to be directed by the image and the feelings as you think about it, that it evokes in you.

Oh, but I have so many pressing problems right now. I need to be realistic and deal with them. Yes you do. But do your due diligence with them every day for a limited amount of time. Once that is done, use the rest of the day to maintain your thoughts and especially your feelings in that other place. Start practicing right now, and you will see that it becomes a habit. You will enjoy feeling that way, rather than the worrying, negative way. It does not mean that you are no longer responsible, or that you are shirking irksome duties. It simply means you have chosen to look in new directions a greater portion of your time rather than in the same negative ones.

Albert Einstein once said: Some people look at life and see nothing as a miracle. I look at life and see EVERYTHING as a miracle.

Imagine the accumulation - over a lifetime - of thoughts of worry and fear and dread and negativity (due to daily problems in your particular reality), as opposed to the accumulation - over a lifetime - of thoughts of joy and anticipation and freedom. This is the direction you can choose to go in right now if you so desire and decide. And as you do it, you will begin to move in the directions of your dreams.

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