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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nurturing the Inner Self

Whew! It's Inauguration Day in the USA and I've been sitting here in Spain watching the ceremonies on TV, the speeches and the commentators.

But as the diverse international news channels began to focus on the rest of the world again, not only were we fed breaking news regarding all that is wrong with the world, but even during a brief interview of a politician who spoke of yet another crisis in yet another sector of this global community, the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen brought out message after message (and they are all very brief, so that you can read them at one go, as they flash across the screen) reiterating the constant killing, genocide, hunger, sickness, disease, and failing economies of the world.

I mention this subject frequently because I know that many people react to this by feeling even worse than they may already be feeling. They listen to the news, and they see this ticker tape of negative news, and they concentrate on that. Their inner eye, their energetic state, their sense of well-being is imbued with the dread of all of this bad news, this constant stream of information that is destined to pull us down, because none of it is good. But because it raises the spectre of fear, it keeps us hooked, we have to keep watching, just in case the next bit of bad news is something we need to be informed about. And so we get caught up in a vicious cycle of self-defeat - or at least - in a cycle of defeat of the good energetic place in which we should be choosing to find ourselves in, rather than the one we get placed into by our willingness to watch this negativity day after day after day, and then, to make matters worse, to continue to think about it and discuss it with everyone we meet.

And yet good things are constantly happening. A cancer patient has a remission. Better and better medication for AIDS have been found. A child was rescued from a well. A domestic pet saved its owner by risking its own life. A scientist in some obscure university of some obscure country has discovered what may be a cure for Alzheimer's. A new chip has been invented that will bring the price of personal computers to what calculators cost. Etc. etc. But we are not given this part of the news. At least not at the hours that Breaking News tends to be brought to the awareness of the public. Instead, we are given the terror and the horror and the fear of the other part of the news.

And then perhaps, on Saturday morning, or Sunday afternoon, when they need fillers, when hardly anyone is watching, they give us the rest of it. Those bits, that if they gave them to us interspersed with the bad stuff, would allow us to have a measure of balance, a sense that the world is not a terrible place to be, or that things are so bad that we have no hope.

Why not turn off your TV, other than perhaps a 15-minute segment to remain apprized of the most urgent news, or at least turn off your news channels, so that those who decide what we will be given to be nurtured with, realize that that kind of nourishment is not acceptable.

Photo: Capetown, South Africa

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