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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ambition to Meaning - Wayne Dyer's New Movie

Watch the trailer to Wayne Dyer's new movie Ambition to Meaning here. In the past Dyer has written books and produced audio CD's, so this is something new for him, and I was a bit skeptical when I heard of it. It seems that everyone is getting on the bandwagon since The Secret hit the screens several years ago, and producing movies left and right. But this is good. It addresses an issue that is not often discussed - although in my practice it's a mainstay - and that is the issue of meaning in life, the issue of finding a meaning in life.

In the film, Dyer offsets a conversation he is maintaining with some producers for a film he is shooting in the film, with the stories of different people who are going through a moment of crisis or insight in their lives, weaving those stories into the dialogue Dyer maintains with the film crew who is shooting scenes of him explaining this deeply important concept of having a meaning in one's life.

The trailer is very brief, and doesn't really give you too much of an idea, but you can view the film online here for US $4.95 (I happened to catch it on one of the days it was free). Have a look, it's worth it.

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